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About The Lodge

Encanta La Vida Rainforest Lodge was the first lodge established in the Cabo Matapalo area of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. “Encanta La Vida” is Spanish for “enchanted life.” It literally translates to “loving life”.

The area at that time was just being discovered, literally as a  ‘gold mine’. Many foreign firms mined and logged the wealth of the land on the Osa until 1975 when the entire west coast was declared the Corcovado National Park. This 43.735-hectare Park encompasses 13 major ecosystems, ranging from sea level to 745 meters.

Encanta La Vida isn’t just a lodge – it’s an experience. Our goal is to share the wonders of the jungle and the warm hospitality of local Costa Rican culture – all in a comfortable relaxed environment. For those seeking privacy and relaxation, it can be had. For those interested in an immersion into jungle life and local culture, you will be surrounded by it.

Enjoy a remote jungle vacation with all the amenities you need to ensure an unforgettable holiday. Relax at our poolside full-service bar after a day of exploring the rainforest waterfalls. You have your choice of romantic poolside dining or family-style seating in the dining room. Our chef will delight your palate with 3 course meals and tropical beverages.

The lodge property stretches from the shores of Pan Dulce beach to a virgin jungle backdrop. Our beach is accessed through a trail that weaves through Cacao (chocolate) trees and mango trees.

We offer a variety of accommodation options to suit any taste and group size: whether you are looking for accommodations for a few nights, or for an extended period of time we offer a unique, off-the-beaten-path jungle experience. 

The main lodge of Encanta La Vida consists of a large open-aired kitchen and dining area. We have a soft-salt water pool with swim-up bar, large patio with lounge chairs, umbrella covered tables and chairs.


Brian - Owner of Encanta La Vida

The founder, Brian Daily (of California), grew up in Costa Rica and has been enjoying the jungles and surf of the Osa for years. He purchased the property in 1988 and began building his dream – a relaxed, adventure hotel and lodge, to share with those traveling in Costa Rica. Over the years the lodge has been improved upon and Brian is proud of what he has created.

Brian has witnessed first-hand the immense changes in tourism and development in Costa Rica over the past 20 years, and is proud to offer something very hard to find in the more developed areas.

Many areas have been affected dramatically by the rise in tourism in this country. It doesn’t just bring in crowds and crime, but ultimately effects the wildlife and their habitats. This area is one of the few exceptions. Two-thirds of the Osa Peninsula is national park and private reserve.

Years ago, Brian was one of the first ‘gringos’ to settle in the Cabo Matapalo area. Back in the old days when the area was still mined, the indigenous people still lived in the jungles and the drive from Puerto Jimenez took hours through the jungle, rivers and mountains. The road was built in 1986. Before then everything was brought to the Osa Peninsula by ferry. It was the ‘wild west’ back then, but, even today it still has some of that same character that will take you back in time!

A Video About Encanta La Vida