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Encanta La Vida is a unique Jungle Beach Lodge located in one of the most magical spots on the planet.  This is where lush rainforest meets pristine beaches along the coast of the wild secluded Osa Peninsula.  “One of the most biologically diverse places on earth” according to National Geographic where you will find hundreds of bird species, 4 types of monkeys, two types of sloths and 500 yard point breaks… and this is only the beginning of your adventure here.  This is where you leave your cell phone behind and disconnect to reconnect. 

Reconnect in the wild…

Completely solar powered our lodge has 10 one of kind bungalows each with their own unique feeling.   From our 3 story Treehouse to our Stargazer with roof top viewing platform and the Luna Love Shack there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Our restaurant offers locally sourced produce and creative Latin fusion dishes. We also have a wonderful salt water pool to refresh yourself during the day.

Our two story Yoga Shala spa is located on the edge of the ocean where you’ll overlook the tropical blue waters of Pan Dulce Bay. The sounds of the jungle and the waves rolling in is the perfect combination to lose yourself in nature.

This is a place for those looking to unplug from everyday life, dive deep into the rhythms of the natural world, and have an off-the-grid adventure surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

The Hennessy story, told by daughter Brisa

Every time I think of adventure I think of my parents story and how they ended up in Matapalo Costa Rica.

On their first date in Hawaii in 1992, my dad said his dream was to move to Costa Rica.  My mom was like “Costa Rica?!  Where even is that?” My dad a crazy professional fisherman and waterman was like,“ I heard they have insane fishing and waves’!  SO, after saving their money for two years – away they went in 1994 a complete journey into the unknown – not knowing where they would end up.  They packed their whole life and drove from California. They drove through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua each with individual road blocks – the earthquakes, the storms, the Central American heat, living on PB sandwiches, guards with machine guns stopping them at the borders.  But they made their way thanks to their positive attitude, my moms smarts, and toilet paper(which the guards took as a gift and let them, through).

They kept driving South until they reached the middle of nowhere – the Osa peninsula, one of the last low land rainforests left in the world, completely off grid – no town, no restaurants,  just a a handful of inhabitants and the wild jungle and amazing right point breaks.  They arrived during the night and stayed at a friend of a friend’s place in a leaky falling a part cabin.  It was the rainy season and it was pouring, thunder storming, pitch black and everything they had was wet and they instantly re-thought their life and decision in every way that night.

But I will never forget the way they described how they woke up – the rain had cleared, the morning light and colors of the sunrise, the jungle was alive and vibrant green and there was a perfect glassy right hander right out front, with no one around for miles and miles.  And as my dad told it, “fish jumping everywhere” 😉

From that day on they never left the Osa for 14 years and were one of the pioneers of Matapalo. They moved out of their “tent”, bought a property, built their dream home “Tres Peces” and lived out their vision  which was ” enjoy every moment and everyday is an adventure.”

Shortly After, I was born in 1999 pretty much on a surfboard.  It was their dream for us to surf together as a family, and those memories of sharing waves in such an untouched place is still etched on my brain.

I wouldn’t be here today without my dads dream, and if my parents didn’t choose to be fearless, adventurous, bold, and unconventional.

Brian Daily and the Hennessy family

I think a lot about how it was back then, so raw – no cell phones or Surfline and how you truly had to follow your gut and intuition.  I hope we can go back to that – to disconnect to reconnect.

Fast forward to 2009, we decide to move back to Hawaii to help my grandparents as they were getting older and for me to have some regular school.  Life takes off and I am in love with surfing and competition and my career starts on tour.

Fast forward to present day and we find ourselves back home in the Osa.  It’s not unusual as the Osa has a way of calling you back and it is something so powerful that it always remains a part of you wherever you are.  It has been a little bittersweet as our neighbor, my “uncle” good friend of my parents and owner of Encanta La Vida Brian passed away, but the stars aligned for us to be part of the community again and to continue on his legacy at Encanta La Vida.  We are so honored and feel so blessed to come back full circle to this magical place to share memories and nature, a simpler way of living and connections with all of you.

Brian Daily, founder and dreamer of Encanta La Vida. 

Brian’s mother Natalie moved to Costa Rica in 1967 and took her two sons with her.  Brian was just 11 years old at that time.  His mother had an adventurous spirit and this is probably where Brian got those same genes.  Natalie decided her sons should be bicultural and bilingual and similar to the Hennessys she packed up their belongings and drove South from Santa Barbara.  She ended up staying in Guadalajara Mexico for a few years, but decided to head further South in 1973 and settled in Costa Rica.  After 2 years Natalie decided to move back to Santa Barbara, but Brian wanted to stay in Costa Rica.  At his school he assembled and sold Italian submarine sandwiches to the students at lunchtime to finance his weekend bus tickets in search of surf spots.  Costa Rica’s “pura vida” was infused into his veins.  Matapalo was one of those special spots he fell in love with.  

In 1988 Brian was finally able to buy his dream land in Cabo Matapalo and Encanta La Vida was born.  Spanish for “enchanted life,” it literally translates to “loving life.”  which Brian was all about.  Brian began building his dream — a relaxed jungle adventure lodge that was home to monkeys and macaws, coatis and sloths, with a front yard expanse of beautiful surf.  For more than 30 years Brian shared his love of the jungle and his simple Costa Rican way of life with everyone.  

Brian died on August 23, 2022 after battling cancer.  Brian was an avid surfer, diver, fisherman and amazing human and friend.  Brian’s adventurous spirit, his zeal for life, for the ocean and for the simple, beautiful way of living will live on forever.

— Pura Vida.  

Immerse ~ "Plunging or submerging yourself until you are completely covered while absorbing and connecting deeply in something."

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