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Osa Wildlife

One of the most thriving and biologically diverse regions of Central America, the Osa Peninsula offers a spectacular range of tropical species. Large populations of endangered animals such as Scarlet Macaw and the Squirrel Monkey, populate the area. Groups of Howler Monkeys, White-faced Monkeys, toucans, parrots, Coatis, Agoutis, Collared Peccaries, Tyras and even Tapirs are relatively easily spotted in the area around Encanta La Vida.

The Osa is also home to 7 species of wild cats and several of these species, such as the Puma, Jaguarundi and Ocelot, are seen from time-to-time by our guests. With deforestation occuring in many regions of the world, the Osa Peninsula remains an untouched forest setting surrounded by thriving marine habitats and a rugged coastline.

Every day we enjoy the beautiful setting our rainforest resort offers us and the vast number of species we share this region with. We invite you to join us in this amazing setting and enjoy our secluded resort and all that the Osa Peninsula Costa Rica has to offer.

Corcovado National Park

Established in 1975 and extended in 1980, the 43.735-hectare Corcovado National Park encompasses 13 major ecosystems, ranging from sea level to 745 meters. Its rainforests are by far the most exuberant in Central America, and its trees are comparable in grandeur to the best that the Amazon Basin and the South East Asian forests have to offer. Indeed, Corcovado Park holds the largest tree in Central America, a giant Silk Cotton tree (Ceiba pentandra) 77 meters tall. The Park embraces the largest remaining tract of Pacific Tropical Wet Forest in Central America.

The park is patrolled from six ranger stations, four of which host visitors. La Leona on the southern coastal boundary of the Park; San Pedrillo on the northern coastal boundary; Los Patos to the east. La Sirena is the largest Rangers Station and is the nucleus of Corcovado. It is also a research station.

The journey into the most dramatic area of the park (La Sirena Ranger Station) can be long and strenuous – we recommend flying into La Sirena for a one day journey in and out. This makes it easy to experience the heart of the Corcovado National Park for the day. From Puerto Jimenez (40 min from Encanta La Vida) the station is a 10 minute flight. The flight itself is a short but impressive journey over the virgin rainforests of the Osa.

Alternatively you can drive or taxi one hour to Carate, at the edge of the park, and walk 4 km to the park entrance. La Sirena is a 5 hour hike from the park entrance.


Several factors combine to make Encanta La Vida a world-class birdwatching destination. Consider the overlap of species generated by connecting two continents. We are the northern range of many South American species, while being the southern migratory limit to as many North American varieties.

Add that to the overwhelming percentage of the Osa Peninsula dedicated to conservation, by both public and private efforts. Our lodge is surrounded by a series of private reserves, leading to the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, which itself serves to buffer the crown jewel of the Costa Rican National Park system, Corcovado National Park.

The abundance of incredibly diverse habitats within such a close proximity further solidifies Encanta La Vida as a must-see-to-believe birding destination. Pastured forest edges embedded with streams and wetlands give way to secondary and primary rain forests. The encompassing coastline itself is a transition between the waters of the Golfo Dulce and the pelagic bird species to be found in the open ocean.
The key to unlocking the mysterious treasures of our phenomenal avifauna is a great guide. Our local naturalists are experienced, intuitive, and dedicated to the satisfaction of our clientele.

Hiking around Cabo Matapalo

Explore the Matapalo area with a licensed guide to learn more about tropical ecology, medicinal plants, and see tons of wildlife. You can see all four monkey species, many birds, and other mammals just around the Encanta La Vida area.

Tours range from a few hours to half a day – let us know your interest and we can create a customized tour for you with our guide.

Willdife Sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary is a place where rescued and injured animals are treated and/ or are released back into the forest. You can choose to visit the sanctuary as part of the dolphin and whale watching trip, or as the destination. The wildlife sanctuary is located in the Piedras Blancas National park on the other side of the Gulfo Dulce, which is a 30 minute boat ride from Puerto Jimenez.

Dolphin & Whale Watching

Feel the exhilaration of seeing hundreds of Bottle Nosed dolphins. This tour starts in Puerto Jimenez where you will hop on board a boat that will take you out into the calm morning waters of the Golfo Dulce where your experienced local guide will search out the large pods of dolphins. Once found, they will follow the boat, and sometimes show off by jumping 6 or 8 feet out of the water right next to you! Approx. Duration: 5 hours. Approx $300 for the boat (up to 5 people). Taxi to and from Puerto Jimenez $90 roundtrip.

NOTE: For whale watching it depends strongly on seasons – during January and February the whale sharks are typically around, and in April and September the Humpbacks migrate through!

Interested in wildlife watching during your stay with us?